Mohawk/Indian Princess Resources

  • Mohawk member roster (password-protected)
  • Mohawk Officers
    • Kevin Dery - Chief - Running Late
    • John Dinnis - Medicine Man - Rambo
    • Sinisa Firic - Wampum Bearer - Inferno
    • Mark Kaplan - Tally Keeper - Renegade
    • Nick Ceballos - Property Keeper - BIG Butt

Camping List

  1. Coolers with water, drinks and snacks
  2. flashlights
  3. Bug repellent
  4. fitted twin sheets (for the beds)
  5. sleeping bags, blankets, pillows (for sleeping)
  6. fans (may not be needed for ACA)
  7. extension cords
  8. swimsuits
  9. summer clothes that can get dirty
  10. benedryl and/or hydrocortisone cream for bites/scratchs/cuts
  11. food if you or your daughter is picky
  12. beach towels
  13. beach chairs (we will be sitting around a fire at night)
  14. first aid kit
  15. shower items (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
  16. antibacterial hand cleaner
  17. old sneakers
  18. a large plastic garbage bag for your dirty clothes
  19. a mat/rug for the floor by your bed (this sounds like a Charley Schram idea)
  20. water shoes/sandles if you like (for the water related events)
  21. poncho or rain jacket in case it rains
  22. Wipes
  23. hair scrunches (for the girls and you dads with long hair)
  24. Sun screen
  25. camera
  26. cell phone
  27. sunglasses
  28. citronella candles/torches
  29. goggles for swimming
  30. cards, games, etc.
  31. cigars (I prefer Cubans for those of you that were thinking of bringing some)
  32. plates/bowls
  33. napkins
  34. Lantern (if anyone has one)
  35. ropes/bungie cords (for stringing up the fans in the cabin)